Flats vs heels...style, comfort and the joys of versatile footwear

There's always huge debate in the swing dance community about the pros and cons of flats vs heels....for us there's a shoe for every occassion and it's not a matter of one or the other.

It's also a matter of personal choice, style choices, and even dance style - are you pulling out aerials, enjoying a night of balboa or putting on a performance? Most of us would be reaching for our flats for a jumps or aerials lesson, but might be keen for a heel for a fast-paced balboa social night out.

Feeling confident in what you are wearing can make or break an evening's dancing- sometimes jeans and sporty pair of retro dance trainers is what we want, other times only seamed stockings and silky lace up heels will suffice! And much like our dancing changes with our mood (sometimes playful, sometimes sexy, sometimes big and bouncy, sometimes small and subtle) so should our look be versatile - that way we keep feeling fresh and feeling fabulous - about the dance, and ourselves!

Sarah Brek wrote an interesting blog post on what heels taught her about her dancing style, and why she thinks they are important, have a read here.

Anon. from the UK, however, says that when it comes to competing it's all about the flats, have a read here.