Our Top 5 Swing Dance Blogs

We love reading about everything swing dance here at The Swing Dance Store, and with so many amazing dancers out there blogging on everything from the swing dance community, to fashion, etiquette, music, competitions, events and lindy and popular culture, we just had to share our top 5 with you:

No. 1.Swungover: Written by the fabulous international lindy hop dancer and instructor, Bobby White, Swungover covers all aspects of the international dance community, from the birthdays of the greats in swing music and dance, to the modern dance community/scene, to informative historical pieces and clips. Bobby himself was a newspaper journalist and fictional writer in a previous life and this comes across in his engaging and comprehensive style; and the fact that the blog has been going for over five years now truely is testament to this.

No.2. The Lil Brown Jug Show : This is an online blog, or a vlog, and we just love the humour of dancer Mikey Pedrozza who says of the webcasts, "it's a vlog, for people who can't write real good and stuff..." and perfect for someone who "likes to talk alot" and talk he does, and joke, giggle, goof around - and yet you still learn truck loads in each episode. The editing involved is breath-taking, apparently taking months to prepare in some cases, and the blink and you miss them references are perfect for the die-hard hoppers out there. Tune in this online blog and you'll be treated to videos, old and new, star appearances from a range of international lindy hoppers, as well as insight into the life of a full time performer and teacher (Mikey himself). Full of fun, giggles and energy galore this has to be on your 'have to see' blog/vlog list.

No.3. Shirt Tail Stompers (Dance Video Wednesday) : OK so technically a Facebook page, we love the Shirt Tail Stompers Dance Video Wednesday updates. This jazz band from London, which is lead by Steven Coombe, a rather smooth lindyer himself, asks a different dancer, instructor, teacher or enthusiast every week for their personal favourite dancing video. The results? Fans of this page are treated to a host of retro, modern and at times fantastically obsecure gems; this week's, for example, is choosen by Ryan Francois who picks a lesser known classic from Fred Astaire.

No. 4. Sharon Davis : Sharon's blog isn't the most posted on but when she does the content is great, over recent months we've read about the developments of this year's European Swing Dance Championships (one of the UK's biggest swing dance events), job opportunities in the scene, her Burlesque Hall of Fame win - and our favourite - 20 ways to become a great lindy hopper.

No. 5. Cookie's Jam : Having been a little silent on the airwaves over recent months, we were chuffed to see the reappearance of one of Britain's best loved lindy hoppers, and one who's been on the scene the longest - Angela Andrews, or Cookie. Giving interesting tit-bits on life on the road, flagging up lindy events, workshops and talks and providing a host of uplifting and inspiring video content - make sure you give this site to be kept in the lindy loop.