This month we chat to Markus Rosendal international swing dance teacher, performer and vintage DJ. Markus has scooped numerous dancing titles since he began dancing almost 20 years ago. His titles include boogie woogie winner of the Swedish Championships (1st place), European Championships (2nd place) and World Championships (3rd place). Originally hailing from Sweden, Markus recently settled in London and now teaches a whole host of dances, from tap, to lindy hop, boogie woogie, to authenic jazz and shag, across the UK, as well as teaching at camps across Europe.

YEARS DANCING: I started dancing in 1998, so I'm pushing 18 years now


DANCES SPECIALISE IN: Lindy Hop, Rhythm Tap, Boogie Woogie and Authentic Jazz

I GOT INTO SWING DANCING VIA....: My best friend at the time and also my family; additionally the scene in Sweden was, and is, very inspiring so when I discovered it I was hooked. I was also lucky to get in touch early on with a lot of masters withing swing (all the early Harlem Hot Shots etc) so I got a very good and solid foundation

BIGGEST DANCE INSPIRATIONS: Originators, people that manage to actually show something, manage to express something. The list is long, a lot of the old timers like Frankie, Norma, Sugar, Dawn, Pepsi, Al & Leon but also Rhythm Hot Shots, Harlem Hot Shots. Also people of today; a man in Harlem back in 2009 - "my name is .... but you can call me Ice!" He totally expressed a whole lot on the floor

FAVOURITE DANCING SHOES:  Often old loafers that I find in charity shops, they usually have a good swing in them

FAVOURITE DANCING OUTFIT: Whatever expresses you, in my case often 1930s- '60s attire

DANCING GOALS FOR 2016: Continue developing, and go and attend classes!

ONE PIECE OF ADVICE I'D GIVE ASPIRING SWING DANCERS:  Go and attend a lot of different classes with different teachers, borrow ideas from other people but be true to yourself!

IF I COULD INSTANTANEOUSLY BE GOOD AT A COMPLETELY UNRELATED DANCE STYLE IT WOULD BE: All the latin dance forms, especially: Mambo, Rhumba, Cha-Cha-Cha  

TELL US ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING WORKSHOPS/PLANS FOR SPRING/SUMMER 2016: I teach my own classes every Thursday, 4 weeks of Rhythm Tap and 4 weeks of Lindy Hop together with Moe Sakan, alternating between the styles. I put on workshops together with some of my friends from around the globe as one-offs and this summer I'm off to Herrang and a number of Italian camps.

Together with Moe Sakan and Lady Kamikaze, I'm also re-launching a famous London Club called the Midweek Function, teaching Lindy Hop and social dancing to all kind of different music styles.